Sports Burst – Champions League: Malice In Wanda-land?



by Tim Stannard


The battle of the nice guys in Madrid as Tottenham and Liverpool prepare for group hug in Champions League final


Either because it has been a good two or three weeks since the end of the domestic seasons, the transfer market is more fun, or the Europa League final simply sucked the joy out of soccer, but Sports Burst is not feeling the Champions League final.

The atmosphere for Liverpool and Tottenham will be great, the location is fantastic, the dozens of fans UEFA allow into the Wanda Metropolitano to sully the event will be boisterous and the football will be of high quality with two attacking teams.


However, the sticking point in any final for a neutral is picking a team to root against. And unless the club colors of Manchester United, Arsenal, and maybe Everton are involved, it’s hard to select a side to go against in a convincing manner.

Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino are tremendously likeable. It’s hard to hold a grudge against Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, Harry Kane, or Son Heung-min. And who doesn’t want to be and be with James Milner?

Indeed, the build-up is so…meh in terms of juice that the main story is whether the most boring player in the stadium – sorry Harry – will make it out onto the pitch at some point.

But…the problem is with Sports Burst…not you, Champions League final.


The XTRA and Locker Room will be all over the Champions League final nonetheless with the latest news and predictions. It all gets underway at 7PM ET / 4PM PT. 

In the meantime, Sports Burst cannot think of a better way to warm up for a Champions League final...than by watching a Champions League final 

The second leg of African's club finale is live on beIN SPORTS today at 5PM ET / 2PM PT with ES Tunis taking on local rivals WAC Casablanca in a clash that is nicely balanced at 1-1 but is going to have more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing. 

It will be the second continental final on the network in the past 24 hours with River Plate having secured the Recopa Sudamericana last night with a 3-1 aggregate win over Athletico Paranaense. 



Conte takes heat from fans after Inter announce appointment 


Serie A has gone crazy, crazy, crazy on Friday with Inter replacing a journeyman Italian coach in the form of Luciano Spalletti with...a journeyman Italian coach in the form of Antonio Conte in a breathtaking move for the league. 


The announcement of a three-year deal was not exactly a huge surprise with Inter releasing a laudably poetic statement oozing over Conte's head, heart, legs and sweat. The move has not gone down well with Juve's ultras, a club that Conte captained and coached, with 3000 signing a petition to have his star removed from the stadium. 

A statement declared that while coaches have the right to take up jobs with rivals, Conte joining up with Inter is going too far and that he was "trampling on (his dignity)."


But that's not where the statements end. Inter's ultras have had their say too warning Conte to uphold the morals of the club by noting that "winning isn't the only thing that matters to us," which is quite handy considering the team's form in recent years. 

And that was just Friday. 



Real Madrid busy doing nothing as Barca buy everyone


So far on Friday, no press conferences have been called in La Liga to tell us absolutely nothing like Sergio Ramos and his mixed message that he wants to retire at Real Madrid. Unless he can't. Or an offer comes for a load of cash somewhere else. 

As for players coming to the Bernabeu, the Eden Hazard deal might take a little longer than expected says 'AS'. Madrid were reportedly hoping to have the Belgian in Spain on Monday to show him off to fans, but negotiations with a probably hungover Chelsea are not progressing particularly quickly.


The Sports Burst live show will be all over Real Madrid today with Kiyan Sobhani from Managing Madrid joining the show. Just head to the beIN SPORTS Facebook page at 12PM ET / 7AM PT. 

Elsewhere in a having cake and eating it moment, 'Sport' is claiming that Antoine Griezmann secretly signed for Barcelona in March and that Neymar is making plans to return this summer.