Sports Burst - Olympics: No Cheers, No Beers

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No beery booze and no boisterous boos at Olympics with new ruling added to inside-voices only edict at Games  


The Tokyo Olympics are now less than a month away, and if the contortions the organizers are going through simply to get spectators into venues, Sports Burst can only imagine the complications to come for the athletes. But let's stick to the theme of the paying public adding some sparkle to the Games. Increasingly restrained sparkle, as it turns out. 

An extra ruling spectators attending events at the Tokyo Olympics has been added today to an increasingly lengthening list. It's all in an attempt to balance coronavirus-related restrictions in Japan with the ability for real life human beings to enjoy a spot of fencing or Greco-Roman wrestling of an afternoon. 


Joining the 'no sitting together', 'no shouting', 'no singing' or doing any kind of vocalization at venues that isn't performed in an inside voice, there's no booze permitted either in a new ruling. This is a) help deter the previously mentioned violations and b) not contradict existing alcohol rules in Tokyo for example, where a person is only allowed to drink booze for 90 minutes at a time in a bar or restaurant between the hours of 11am and 7pm. 

Two questions there - why so specific to 90 minutes and the hours? And is there a stopwatch timing everyone from the moment they order the drink, with the glass being taken away on the 90-minute mark?

Actually, there's three - what would stop one person - or two - simply moving to another bar or restaurant once the initial 90 minutes in the first venue are up? 

Just more conundrums in what looks like the most complicated Olympic Games ever devised. 


Barcelona's 'week-ness' with Messi


Spinning around the Pacific Ocean and over to Argentina, where a team of spiritualists and prognosticators are trying to enter the mind of Lionel Messi. Sports Burst imagines they would mainly find slow-motion replays of Gonzalo Higuain missing key chances in big finals. 


The Barcelona player can only be described as a 'Barcelona player' for one more week. That's when a 21-year professional relationship with Barca officially ends and his current contract with the team expires on 30th June. From that point onwards, he will technically be a free agent. 

Barca are working on avoiding that happening but have heard crickets from Messi on signing a new deal that contains a tempting 50% pay cut. The Barcelona media can only report that there is a 'good feeling from the people around Messi' on the chances of a deal being done. To be fair, Messi is quite busy on duty with Argentina where he looks like leading the Albiceleste through the knockout stages as an unattached player before losing cruelly in the final on penalties against Brazil. 


Possible drama to come at Euro 2020 


There could be some big shocks in Euro 2020 today in the final stage of group stage action. Or not. It's actually really hard to work out if these shocks will have taken place, when they actually do take place. In hindsight. 

The problem is the format of the tournament where the top two automatically go through along with the best four teams in six groups who finished third, passing through as well. This means that nothing a really is known until the end of the group stages today. 


Spain at least, certainly need a win against Slovakia with the team currently lodged on two points. Then again, a draw might be ok, depending on the results in that group and then intersecting with the other third-placed finishing teams and so on. 

Meanwhile the finale could see either Portugal or Germany going out today. Or not. It all depends, really. 


Spurs spurned once again 


Latest news on Tottenham's doomed search for a new coach. Sevilla's Julen Lopetegui has also turned down an approach from the EPL club. That news comes from Sevilla's president, Jose Castro, who revealed that a "dizzying" offer from Spurs came in, but was not given the time of day. 

The only person so far, who has said 'yep, I'll do it' is Jurgen Klinsmann. 



NFL survives Carl Nassib news 


Finally, the NFL has not collapsed in on itself with the news that Las Vegas defensive end, Carl Nassib, is gay. In fact, Nassib's jersey is now the top-seller across the Fanatics network over the past two days, which several sizes selling out already.