Sports Burst - Neymar: Rebel Without a Clause

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By Tim Stannard


Griezmann on brink of Atletico departure as PSG play hardball on any Neymar departure


Neymar and Antoine Griezmann - two rebellious players refusing to train with their teams but two very different outcomes on the horizon.

First off - both are indubitably a preening pair of entitled pillocks and are in the luxurious position of being able to afford to refuse to come to work - as per their contracts - until their employers help find them a new job. Not that Sports Burst would ever want that. 

On Monday, this striking partnership of a very different kind were both sanctioned by their clubs for failing to turn up to pre-season training. Tuesday will see those punishments increase to thousands of dollars for them, but equivalent to the price of a particularly fancy coffee and maybe a cake-pop for mere mortals. 


However, Griezmann is likely to see an out fairly soon due to a very handy buy-out clause of $134 million that he can pay to remove himself from Atletico's clutches. 

Neymar does not have such a luxury. Indeed, PSG are officially playing hardball on the issue having released a very public admonishment for the Brazilian on Monday for failing to arrive to pre-season training. Quite the turnaround for a club that planted Neymar's name up on the Eiffel Tower to welcome him two years ago and treats his birthday with the same reverence as a Champions League final. 

PSG's Sporting Director, Leonardo, made it clear on Monday that although PSG will like to rid themselves of their rebellious Brazilian, it will only be for the right price. So big, in fact that no-one will be able to afford it - "Neymar can leave PSG if there is an offer that suits everyone."

Neymar's number one destination would be Barcelona, a club that has shown a mild interest says Leonardo. But nothing more. "We did not see that Barcelona is really in a buyer position," noted Leonardo. 

With Barcelona seemingly stretched enough to even afford Griezmann and Real Madrid not in the market, Neymar is left stranded in Paris and looking enviously at the Frenchman's get-out clause and a move to the Camp Nou club he covets. 

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Pogba's agent defends conduct as Higuain digs in at Juve


Neymar and Griezmann. Done.

Time for Paul Pogba.

The French midfielder is actually doing his duty and in training with Manchester United in Perth, Australia. However, his agent Mino Raiola is still reminding anyone who will listen that his client wants out of Old Trafford and defended Pogba's conduct. "He has been respectful and professional in every way and always," noted Raiola


From three players wanting out of their deals to a footballer who is abiding by his contract but causing problems in doing so. Gonzalo Higuain.

The Argentinean chance-blower has returned to Juventus and Maurizio Sarri (again) after a loan spell at Chelsea and has no intention of moving again, hoping to convince his manager that he is up to the job of sitting in the stands for the Old Lady. 

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Home Run humdinger and a double date for Serena 


Elsewhere in the wide, wide world of sport and those in the know in baseball are declaring that the 2019 Home Run Derby in Cleveland to be one of the best ever with rookie, Pete Alonso, of the Mets having a fine night repeatedly whacking the ball into the stands. 


NBA is having fun with their own transfer market. Tuesday's hottest rumor has Russell Westbrook swapping out Oklahoma City for Miami. Tornadoes for hurricanes, basically. 

Wimbledon continues on Tuesday, sadly without Coco Gauff who lost out to Simona Halep in the Last 16. 

The women's quarterfinals are center stage and the quartet of games includes an all-American affair between Serena Williams and Alison Riske. Serena will also be in action in the Mixed Doubles in her partnership with Andy Murray. 

And it's the first semifinal in the Cricket World Cup as New Zealand...oh, so everyone left then? Fine.