NBA Star Luol Deng: Arsenal a Player Away From Dominance



Two-time NBA all-star Luol Deng believes Arsenal is a player away from becoming dominant in the Premier League.

Miami Heat forward Deng represented the United Kingdom at the 2012 Olympic Games, having spent part of his youth in the country after fleeing what is now South Sudan, and is well known as an Arsenal fan.

Arsene Wenger's side has made an inconsistent start to the new season, taking four points from the first three league games, and Deng feels the club needs to dip back into the transfer market in order to challenge for the Premier League title.

"I'm hearing mixed reviews. I really think we [Arsenal] have a great team, I really do," Deng told Omnisport. "I think we're a player away from really being dominant. I think each game we go in with the top teams, the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man United, I think that's always going to be not sure. I can't say right now we're favorites in those big matches. 

"But it's like a player or two away from really being favorites. And the way the Premier League looks right now Man City looks great to me."

Deng, who was speaking at his DENG Camp Top 50 event at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London, took part in the first NBA exhibition game to be held in Africa earlier this month in Johannesburg.

"There's been a lot of players in the past who always wanted something like that to happen," he added. "I think the continent [Africa] is growing and there's so many kids who wish and hope to play in the NBA.

"I think the NBA organizing this game and going to the continent shows not just to the kids on the continent in Africa but also the rest of the world this is such an international game, it's a global game."