Huracan Bus Overturns Following Copa Libertadores Clash

Getty Images

A bus carrying the players of Argentine top-flight club Huracan overturned following their Copa Libertadores clash with Caracas.

Two players - including Diego Mendoza, who scored a stoppage-time goal to send Huracan into the group stage - are confirmed to have sustained minor injuries as the squad travelled to the airport, while coach Pablo Santella is also reported to have taken a knock.

Brake problems are said to be behind the incident in Venezuela, although no official announcement has been made on the cause.

"The most important thing to say is that all [the] players are good," club president Alejandro Nadur is quoted as saying by Goal. "It was scary, but they are all good.

"[Patricio] Toranzo got hit in the hand and Mendoza took a blow to the leg, but nothing more, nothing serious. It is important to stay calm."