World Floorball Championships - where to watch?

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Get Ready for Floorball on beIN SPORTS!


It’s fast! It’s furious! It’s floorball! – here’s all you need to know about the 120-mile-an hour sporting sensation coming to beIN SPORTS


Starting on Saturday November 27th through to Sunday 11th December, beIN SPORTS is bringing you the best of the best in floorball with the Women’s World Floorball Championships from Sweden and the Men’s World Floorball Championships from Finland.


What is Floorball?

- Think ice hockey without the ice. Floorball is a dynamic, fast-moving, 5-person indoor variety of hockey where the ball can travel up to 120 miles-an-hour. If you blink, you’ll miss a goal. It’s the perfect sport for America.

- There are five players and a keeper allowed on the field at any time with rolling substitutes in games of 3 x 20 minute periods.

- Unlike hockey, there is no checking in floorball. Also, there are no high sticks, and no ball being hit above the knee.

- Floorball is still physical sport. Like soccer – sometimes it can get rough out there.

- The big novelty of floorball is that a player can kick the ball to pass it to a teammate – but only once in that play.



When are the World Championships?

- The Women’s World Floorball Championships run from Saturday 27th November to Sunday 5th December from Uppsala, Sweden.

- 16 teams are competing including the USA. Sweden are both the hosts the reigning champions.

- The Men’s World Floorball Championships run from Friday 3rd December to Saturday 11th December from Helsinki, Finland.

- 16 teams are fighting for the title including the USA and Canada. Finland are the defending champions.


How can I watch?

- You can watch the best games of the day live on beIN CONNECT starting with USA vs. Denmark on Saturday to get our Women’s World Championships coverage underway.

- beIN XTRA will bring you the best match of the day. Check your listings for details.