Warriors Have "A Long Way To Go" To Match Jordan's Bulls - Thomson



Klay Thompson is confident the Golden State Warriors can become a dynasty akin to the legendary Chicago Bulls team led by Michael Jordan in the 1990s.

The Warriors claimed their second NBA title in three seasons in the previous campaign, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games in the third successive Finals series between the teams.

Golden State broke the record for the most wins in a regular season set by the Bulls in 1996 as they won 73 games in 2015-16.

Chicago won six titles in eight seasons in the 90s, and shooting guard Thompson sees no reason why the Warriors cannot equal that.

Speaking with the media ahead of the NBA's Global Games in China against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Thompson was asked if the Warriors are the closest thing to that dominant Bulls team.

"What's that, six championships in eight years? So we're, what, like only a third of the way there? I think it's close," Thompson said.

"We still have a long way to go, but I do see the fandom, the fanfare like the Bulls had in the 90s.

"Every time the Bulls came to town that was the ticket of the year. Now it's when the Warriors come to town, that's the must-see game. And we don't take that for granted; that's such a cool position to be in.

"We rarely play in front of a crowd that's not sold out. That's so special. It's hard to really grasp that as a player. So I think it's close, I still think we're not on their level yet, but that's what we aspire to be of the 2000s.

"We aspire to be that dynasty that will be in the minds of NBA fans forever."