Floyd Mayweather Showers Conor McGregor With Money

Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr. showered Conor McGregor with money as their press tour headed to New York on Thursday.

'Money' Mayweather and McGregor continued their promotional tour, although their latest efforts failed to reach the lofty standards they set in Toronto and Los Angeles.

But the American did at least contribute to quite the image, showering McGregor with money during the news conference.

"They're all f******* ones," the Irishman said.

Mayweather responded: "That's all you're worth, you b****."

Both fighters may be tiring as they continue to promote their highly anticipated fight on August 26.

With three appearances in as many days and one to come – in London on Friday – it is easy to see why, particularly after plenty of fireworks a day earlier in Canada.