NFL Extends Virtual Offseason to June 26

Getty Images

The NFL announced on Thursday that it has extended its virtual offseason programs for teams for an additional 15 days, setting a new end date as June 26. 

By extending the online coaching, there will be no in-person minicamps this month. 

Training camps are still expected to begin in July, and the league and players association are using the extra time to make sure the team complexes are in position to open safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"We will continue working with the NFLPA to conclude the remaining protocols and finalize arrangements for the safe opening of training camps next month," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. 

The option to extend the virtual offseason program is strictly voluntary, and a number have teams have already announced they will be stopping their online classes so their players can focus on physical training. 

Only players that are recovering from injuries, coaches and other key personnel are allowed at their team's complexes for the time being.