Manning: I Still Have Some Peak Years Left

Getty Images


Eli Manning insists he still has "some peak years left" after former team-mate Shaun O'Hara suggested the New York Giants had "wasted his prime".

The 2017 season was a difficult one for star quarterback Manning, who was unceremoniously benched at one stage, as the Giants stumbled to a 3-13 season.

O'Hara, part of the team alongside Manning who won Super Bowl XLII, said last weekend: "To be honest with you, they've wasted the last few years of Eli's career. They've wasted his prime and it's been hard to sit and watch that happen."

Another former team-mate, Justin Tuck, suggested that those around Manning were not up to the task, leading to his decrease in performance.

But Manning, while thankful for the support of his former team-mates, insists he still has plenty to offer and would not point the finger of blame at the Giants' current roster.

"I appreciate those guys saying it. Those guys are always loyal," the two-time Super Bowl winner told reporters.

"I still think I have some peak years left, so we can make it right. I appreciate everything the Giants have done and I'm excited about being there this year and taking advantage of this year."