Belichick Denies Involvement With Patriots Filming Bengals

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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick strongly denied the team's football operations were involved in alleged filming of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor confirmed on Monday that the NFL is investigating an incident that took place during Cincinnati's 27-19 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.


A Patriots employee was reportedly caught recording the Bengals' sideline signals during last week's game in Cleveland.

Belichick – whose Patriots face the Bengals on Sunday – addressed the accusations of illegal videotaping amid New England's ongoing behind-the-scenes documentary series.

"I have absolutely nothing to do – we have absolutely nothing to do with anything they produce, direct, or shoot, or anything," Belichick told WEEI.

"I've never seen their tapes, or anything else. This is something that we 100 per cent have zero involvement with.

"This is something you have to talk with the production people about and what they were doing, and whatever it was.

"We've never seen anything they've shot, other than what's been on TV."

Earlier in the day, Cincinnati's Taylor told reporters: "I'm aware that there was an incident. But I know the league is investigating it, so I’ve got no comment."