Embiid And Towns Take Feud To Instagram

Getty Images


Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns' on-court tussle boiled over onto social media as their feud continued following the Philadelphia 76ers' win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Embiid and Towns were involved in a bust-up during Wednesday's NBA game, with both players ejected from the game after scrapping off the ball in the third quarter.

The Sixers' Ben Simmons also got involved as he wound up on top of Towns, while Embiid was seen laughing at his opponent after the two were finally separated.

Having been sent to the locker room, Embiid relished the moment, hyping up the home crowd as he headed down the tunnel.

However, the argument did not stop there, as Towns posted several photos of the fight - plus one of Embiid crying - to his official Instagram account.

Embiid, who claimed after the game Towns had instigated the fight, responded by mocking his opponent's playoff record.

The Sixers big man commented: "Imagine talking after a 20 pts loss. You hate to see it. Go ahead using that [picture] of me caring about losing in the second round OF THE PLAYOFFS.


"Oh wait you [have] never been there. You don’t know what is like. Boy finally won three games and he's talking and I know you ain't talking.

"You've been a p**** your whole life. That's why you were treated like a b**** by you know who. I ain't gonna put your business out but I got the facts about you. Don't get it twisted I OWN YOU."