Durant Still Undecided On Warriors Future

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images


Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant does not know where he will be playing next season, insisting he is solely focused on the NBA playoffs and a potential third successive championship.

Durant can opt out of his contract and become a free agent in the offseason and the two-time NBA Finals MVP has repeatedly been linked to the New York Knicks.


But, Golden State's Durant is undecided on his future beyond the postseason amid the ongoing speculation.


"If I already made a decision, it would take away from the team, what we're fighting for. Every play would be overshadowed by it," Durant told The Undefeated.

"It is not necessary for me to make a decision right now. It would be bad to do that. It would take the focus off of what is important. I would never want to put my team-mates in a messed-up position. I want to forget about it.

"But it is still putting everybody in messed-up positions where everybody wants to know all the time, everybody is speculating, and everybody is trying to get in my head and what I think about it."

Durant has won a pair of NBA titles and Finals MVP awards during his time with the Warriors. The team earned the top seed in the Western Conference once again in 2018-19 and are in contention to capture their third straight championship.


"Yo, just watch the game," Durant said. "Just focus on the game and stop nit-picking, because it is a beautiful game going on out there. What can I do right now? I can’t sign a paper. I got to do the most important thing, and that is play."

The 10-time All-Star averaged 26 points, 6.4 rebounds and 5.9 assists during the regular season. He shot 52.1 per cent from the field and 35.3 per cent from three-point range.

"Let's appreciate what is going on, on the basketball court," Durant said. "I know it's the sexy part of the NBA: free agency, trades, transactions. But it's a beautiful game that we're out here playing. I feel like I play a different and unique way that may inspire some people.

"You never know where you can get [inspiration] from. It's always been my fight with people to focus on the basketball. That other stuff will take care of itself when time comes."