Sports Burst - Leo Messi: Richer Than Ronaldo

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By Tim Stannard


Soccer stars make up 1-2-3 in Forbes Top 100 list with Messi leading the way 


What lingering teeny, tiny morsel of sentiment that Sports Burst may have had in its barren heart over Lionel Messi's continuing plight with Argentina just vanished in a puff.

While, yes, reaching finals and then having dreams shattered by Gonzalo Higuain's golden gaffes might be frustrating, but the fact of the matter is that Messi earned $127 million over the past 12 months. That's $347,000 today alone. In fact, the time it takes to write this article Messi would have earned $14,000. $1,100 for a bathroom break. Think about that.

That's all according to a report from Forbes which has published its Top 100 best-paid athletes (which includes golfers as well to be inclusive) calculating salaries, prize money and endorsements.

The hefty total makes Messi number one on the list beating Cristiano Ronaldo who is second with a lethargic $109 million raked in over the past year. Neymar sits in third. It is the first time that soccer players have made up the top-three places. Even Gareth Bale appears on the list bringing in more than Tom Brady. 

The first American, Russell Wilson, is in sixth. Floyd Mayweather was number one last year but has completely dropped off the list. Just the single women makes the 100 ranking with Serena Williams in 63rd. 


USWNT suffers criticism for being too good in record World Cup win 


There has been an awful lot of suspiciously Un-American talk over the past day around the USWNT's 13-0 rout over Thailand in the Women's World Cup. There have been suggestions that the team should have gone easy, or - hell's bells - not actually celebrated the goals. 

Sports Burst's limited understanding of the US Constitution suggests that this kind of downright communist approach to sport would be against at least seven articles and amendments and things like that. 

In fact, Coach Jill Ellis should be given Alaska as a reward not just for Tuesday's victory but for claiming afterwards that the performance could have been better. "There's always things you can do to refine and polish," said Ellis, reminding those who believe in participation trophies that "the mission matters most."


The biggest rival to that mission to retain the World Cup are in action on Wednesday with host nation, France, taking on Norway in the last match of the day. That is preceded by the heavyweight clash between Germany and Spain and Nigeria taking on South Korea.

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Mbappe declines Madrid talk as Antoine Tease-mann returns 


"You always asked me about the same thing, but it's not the time." Those were the words from Kylian Mbappe on Tuesday with the PSG man being probed thoroughly - not the first time - on a potential move to Real Madrid. 

To be fair, the French striker had just scored his 100th goal as a professional in a 4-0 win for France over Andorra. But technically speaking Mbappe wasn't denying that he was moving to Real Madrid...just not saying no. 

One striker who has joined Real Madrid is Luka Jovic and the Serbian being presented earlier today. Eden Hazard is lined up for Thursday and is likely to get the full-on stadium show treatment enjoyed by Cristiano Ronaldo a full decade ago when he was put on display before the Real Madrid fans, who were then duly ushered towards the club megastore. 

Antoine Griezmann is really stretching Sports Burst's patience with his obsession concerning announcing decisions about decisions. A few days ago, the Atletico Madrid man said that he knew where he was going. Now, the Frenchman is claiming that he will make his announcement in a couple of weeks. "I don't know if I'll remain in Spain," revealed Tease-mann, completely contradicting his previous boast that he knew his destiny. 

Done. With. This. 

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