Sports Burst - Eriksen's Real Madrid Bale-Out


By Tim Stannard


Eriksen seeks to end six-year stay at Tottenham to "try something new" 


Griezmann-Teasemann-itis is spreading. 

Another footballer has joined the "I would like to try something new," brigade. 

This time, the announcement came from the Tottenham playmaker, Christian Eriksen, to Danish newspaper 'Ekstra Bladet' in the form of an interview rather than the new-fangled fashion of a video message.

Eriksen revealed that the time is right to leave Tottenham, having been part of the team that went all the way to the Champions League final, before pulling a Spurs in Madrid. 

Normally Tottenham drive quite the hard bargain with their footballers in terms of transfers. However, Eriksen is just one year away from his contract running out and is available for 'just' $165 million. This leaves very few clubs in the market that are willing to pay that kind of money for a footballer who, in theory, wants to move up in the world rather than finish fourth in the Premier League every year. And most importantly of all, not worth $165 million. Or even half that.

Bayern Munich is an outside bet, although the Bavarians are loath to splash out such large amounts of cash. Barcelona would need to offload a few footballers to come close to affording a player who could be a replacement for Ivan Rakitic. 

That leaves, of course, Real Madrid. "It's a step up," admitted Eriksen when probed on the possibility. 


There are two reasons why the Santiago Bernabeu club could be picking up a third big player from Spurs in recent years. The team has money to spend - they might even be able to return Gareth Bale to whence he came in a deal.

But most importantly of all, Madrid don't really need the player, which has never, ever stopped Real Madrid from doing mega-bucks business in the past. 

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Gone. James Gone. From Bayern Munich


Not quite done with Real Madrid yet. Or Gareth Bale.

Bayern Munich has officially communicated that the club is returning James Rodriguez to Real Madrid on the completion of a two-year loan deal that did not exactly set the city of Munich alight with excitement. In doing so, the Bundesliga club turned down the chance to buy the player for around $47 million.


So that’s bad news for Madrid who now have to find a home for the midfielder. Sports Burst is thinking that Spurs might be the perfect fit in a deal with Christian Eriksen. Yes, just a few seconds ago, Bale was tipped as the possible makeweight, however news – of the slimmest variety – is flying in from Italy that Antonio Conte wants the footballer for his Inter Milan side.

Where Inter are going to find the $150 million or so that Madrid are looking for is a whole topic for another day.


Neymar's Copa America future hangs in the balance with Brazil's bosses


Neymar. Where to start. 

The footballer is continuing a lamentable season where what he does on the pitch only makes up about two percent of his headlines. 

After accumulating simultaneous suspensions from both Ligue 1 and Champions League play for indiscipline, the footballer then received an accusation of rape that is currently being investigated

Neymar opted to forcefully deny that allegation through the form of Instagram rather than through lawyers, which also landed the player in trouble, by revealing private photos of his accuser. 

The PSG man is supposed to be preparing for the Copa America on home soil, starting with a warm-up match against Qatar - potentially disruptive guests in the tournament - in a match that is live on beIN SPORTS at 8.20PM ET / 5.20PM PT


While Brazil boss, Tite, has had to delicately step around the issue of the footballer's involvement with the team, a strong indication has come that Neymar may not be part of Brazil's Copa America at all. 

Brazil's Vice President, Francisco Noveletto, told SBT that "if Neymar plays, Brazil are capable of missing out," adding that the footballer is not in the "psychological condition" to participate. Noveletto also stressed that this was his own opinion rather than that of the Federation. 

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