Football Crazy Episode 66 - The Season 3 Premiere



Football Crazy is back for a third season, and this time it's visual!

That's right, now you can watch Kev, Kay, and Des in all their 2D glory from the live setting of the beIN Podcast Cave, every Monday at 1pm ET on YouTube.


But for those of you who need to keep their eyes on the road, or simply prefer the traditional format, the podcast still exists on all the usual platforms: 

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On this week's show, the gang pick up where they left off at the beginning of the summer: talking all things European soccer, starting with a lengthy La Liga preview, jumping across the Pyrenees to the-already-underway Ligue 1, then under the Channel Tunnel to check in with the Premier League, before rounding things off with a Turkish (Superlig) wrap.

Speaking of Turkey, and as mentioned in the show, here's a link to the trendiest bit of Fenerbahce attire on the market right now, a Ali Koc T-shirt:…-t-shirt-1571372