Canada - All-New beIN SPORTS CONNECT Launches



What is happening?

beIN SPORTS has launched an all-new beIN SPORTS CONNECT offering a new world-class streaming experience to sports fans across North America. The streaming platform has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, delivering a more stable and convenient viewing experience than ever before.


What is new to beIN SPORTS CONNECT?

The all-new beIN SPORTS CONNECT utilizes a new video player delivering a viewing experience that is more stable than ever. As a user you will now be able to personalize your profile by selecting your favorite teams and leagues. It will be easier than ever to browse our sports library, including access to video on demand, in a brand-new layout. Fans can also now choose from multiple subscription plans to suit their needs.


What new features are now available on beIN SPORTS CONNECT?

beIN SPORTS CONNECT users now have access to video on demand which means you can access your favorite matches at any time. The new personalization feature allows you to follow your favorite leagues and teams and access the content you want to watch. A catch-up feature allows you to view a live event that has already started using a new video timeline. The timeline can be used to take you to the start of the match, to a significant moment of the action, and also to watch instant highlights.


What is the difference between the new beIN SPORTS CONNECT and the former streaming platform?

beIN SPORTS CONNECT is now easier to navigate than ever before now that content is sorted by event rather than by channel, plus an extensive video on demand library allows you to catch up on all the past action.


Is this a new app or simply an update to the former beIN SPORTS CONNECT?

beIN SPORTS CONNECT has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. However, to help you quickly join the action, the all-new CONNECT will launch as an app update, meaning existing users will not have to download a new app from their app store.


How do existing users upgrade or access the new beIN SPORTS CONNECT?

Do I have to pay for the upgrade? Is there an additional cost? Does my monthly fee increase? 


There is no additional cost, payments or fees to access the new beIN SPORTS CONNECT.

To access the new features available, please take a moment to RESET your password on the new site as your current password will NO LONGER be valid. To reset your password, please follow these steps:

1.       Go to and click Sign-IN

2.       Click on FORGOT PASSWORD

3.       Enter your login email and click “Send Verification Code” – do not close the


4.       Check your email for the 6-digit Verification Code

5.       Enter the code on the website

6.       Now enter your new password

7.       Click Continue.


If you have any questions or need additional support, please email


How do new users access or download the new beIN SPORTS CONNECT app?

To get beIN SPORTS CONNECT, download the app from the App Store (iOS, Android and Roku).


Where is beIN SPORTS CONNECT available?

beIN SPORTS CONNECT is available on the web at, iOS, Android, and Roku.