Ozil trolls Spurs fan with 'trophy cabinet' gag

Getty Images

For Spurs' team photo ahead of their 3-2 International Champions Cup win over Juventus, their starting XI took a leaf out of Wales' book, lining up in a disjointed, unusual fashion that left a gap in the back row.

A Spurs fan posted the photo to Twitter at the time and asked why Ozil was in their team photo, seemingly comparing the German to the void.

After a few days enjoying plenty of positive social media attention, the Spurs fan had the tables turned on him by Ozil.

The Gunners midfielder jabbed back with a response that will surely delight even his biggest critics among Arsenal fans, saying: "If you look closely… You can see your trophy cabinet".

Spurs last won a major trophy in 2008 when they lifted the EFL Cup – before that their most-recent triumph was the 1990-1991 FA Cup.

Ozil's barb swiftly went viral, receiving over 130,000 likes in two hours.