Boring, Boring Milner


Chris Howie

James Milner is one of the most decorated English Premier League footballers playing in the league today. With 61 England caps, two Premier League titles, Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup and League Cup medals, he knows a thing or two about winning. It would also appear the Yorkshireman also knows a thing or two about laughing at himself. 

At some point in 2013, a parody twitter account entitled @boringmilner decided to make light of the player’s status and reputation in the league. Whilst there can be no denying Milner is a fantastic footballer, his ‘no-nonsense’ approach to his game, determined fitness regimes, teetotal lifestyle and the fact that he comes across as a serious Yorkshireman has provided the parody account some hilarious moments on twitter. 



With the @boringmilner amassing nearly 700,000 followers, naturally, the player himself has caught wind and decided to get in on the act himself with some hysterical content. In an age where players are global superstars and becoming more and more removed from the fans, it’s definitely a welcome break from the norm. 


A keen lover of Yorkshire Tea and all things Yorkshire, the former Leeds player is keen to remind anyone that he never forgets his roots. When conducting an interview ahead of the 2016 Europa League clash with Sevilla, he commented: “I don’t move as gracefully as Coutinho, I’m a geezer in his mining boots from Yorkshire, lumping across the field” in a typical self-effacing manner.

Furthermore, following Great Britain’s success in the 2012 Olympics owing in no small part to athletes from his home county, Milner went on to say; “I’ve said it to the lads and anyone else who’ll listen. If Yorkshire we’re a country we’d be well up there in the medal table and I’m very proud of that. We seem to have a lot of grit in us a determination to succeed. Maybe it’s something they put in the water or the Yorkshire puddings!”

If Yorkshire puddings are at the forefront of his mind, one can only imagine what Christmas Day at the Milner household is like… thankfully there is no need, thanks to this wonderful effort from the Manchester City media team back in 2014. Enjoy.