Top 5 - ‘A Wand of a Left foot’


In football commentary, you tend to hear a lot of clichés. Whether you’re finishing with aplomb or bagging a brace, pundits have a wealth of phrases ready to use at the drop of a hat.

A Wand of a Left Foot is a particular favourite amongst the commentary teams in English speaking regions, yet it begs the question, why is there no such thing as a wand of a right foot?

With recent data suggesting that 81% of the world’s population are right-footed, leaving the remaining 19% as left-footed, perhaps there is something all the more rare and mystical about a left-footed player hammering home? Or perhaps it’s because to 81% of the public, a left-footed goal just looks different? 

We don’t have the answer to this pressing question but what we can give you are a top 5 left foots that have got modern-day commentators crying words of praise from the very top, top drawer. 

5. Robin Van Persie


Robin Van Perise came to Arsenal in 2004 as a wild, temperamental talent with an incredible left foot. He has a litany of spectacular goals to his name, namely full volleys against Charlton and Everton for Arsenal and Aston Villa for Manchester United. Capable of the sublime to power drive, Robin Van Persie’s left could open a can of beans. Figuratively speaking of course.

4. Arjen Robben


‘Keep him on his right’ is the counsel pundits would generally espouse whenever Arjen Robben would tear towards opposition left-backs. It was a task easier said than done, for time and time again the Dutchman would be able to jink onto his left foot, from the right channel and fire unstoppable shots into the opposite top corner.

As certain as the sun would rise in the east and set in the west, Robben would find a way to cut onto his left peg – a feat Bayern Munich are still learning to live without. 

3. Adriano 

The fallen emperor. In the mid 2000s, Inter Milan and Brazil were blessed with the ferociously gifted Adriano. Pace, skill and the hammer of the left foot to boot - at the time he was arguably the best striker on the planet. Tragically, personal issues affected his performances on the pitch and he never truly achieved the potential he was destined for. 

2. Roberto Carlos

The legendary Brazilian Left-back Roberto Carlos not only has a wonderful left-footed shot – but he is also proprietor to some of the most extraordinary goals scored in the history of the game. The outside bend on the freekick he scored against France during the 1997 edition of Le Tournoi was a strike that long lives in the memory. Unstoppable when at full flow, there are few left-footed wands that have been more powerful. 

1.Lionel Messi

It had to be. Lionel Messi; 5 time Balon D’or winner and arguably the greatest player to have ever played the game, has at the time of writing scored 627 goals in 718 matches for Barcelona. Around 80% of that figure have been scored with his left foot. Capable of the crafty chip, the careful caress and the fierce freekick, the Argentine’s left foot is without rival.