Opinion – Sport Is Irrelevant as We Battle Coronavirus


Mitch Freeley

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We are living in unprecedented times, as coronavirus sweeps across the world a host of sporting events have either been postponed for the foreseeable or cancelled completely. 

The likes of the NBA, Serie A, La Liga, the Champions League, and the Premier League have all been temporally halted, along with a whole raft of other key sporting events. At the time of writing the fate of Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics still remains in the balance. 

Sport for so many is an outlet from daily life; the chance to cheer on your team from home, revel in victory, wallow in defeat,  whatever the sport it offers an escape from whatever life throws at you. Many people over the weekend have been wondering what can be done now without live sport, particularly when football has been removed from our lives. In the next few months, we will be all looking to fill that void without live sports coverage. 

For now, that escape for the vast majority of the world has been disrupted. Still, you can still find some events sticking out. Football in Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and yes even in Uzbekistan football matches are still taking place behind closed doors, for now. Whilst the UFC has vowed to continue to find ways to put on shows, however long that will be with the USA coming to terms with the impending pandemic, remains to be seen. 

In all honesty, the lack of sport in the next three months pales into insignificance. The question of Liverpool winning the league for the first time in thirty years really shouldn’t matter right now. Although a decision should be made in the next few days if that’s any comfort to any nervous Liverpool fans.

I appreciate that this coming from someone working for a sports broadcaster sound might hollow, seeing as my own livelihood depends on live events, but now is a time for us to unite to ensure we will come out of this in the best possible shape. It also goes without saying that without live broadcasts, beIN SPORTS will be continuing to show highlights from around the world, along with coverage from our Arabic news channel and some of the best sports documentaries around. So we won’t be leaving you completely empty-handed. 

Social media will also play a major part of the debate in the next few months, and sporting organizations are already doing their bit to lighten the mood, from Southampton and Manchester City battling out on noughts and crosses on Twitter to Andre Villas-Boas sharing some of his favourite panini stickers on Instagram (well worth a look)

The WHO has been doing stellar work in the last few weeks spreading the message of hygiene as the world comes to grips with coronavirus. Some of the biggest names in football such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba and Allison have all done their bit to spread the message. 


We are now facing the prospect of a number of months with no live sport, along with potential self-isolation it’s time to follow the advice of the medical professionals and do what is best to halt the spread of coronavirus. The human race has faced plenty of perilous moments in the past which we have overcome each time.  

So for now, without live sport let us all focus on our health and wellbeing. Stay at home, practice social distancing and maintain high standards of hygiene. It goes without saying that on the English website for the MENA region will be on top of any breaking news, whilst we are working on a couple of ideas to try and keep you entertained for the next few months, although in all likelihood I’m looking at working from home for the foreseeable!

It might be tough right now, but things will get better and before you know it everything will be back to normal. Keep safe.