Burnley midfielder Arfield 'leaning towards Canada'

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Canada could have another dual-national in its ranks soon.

Burnley midfielder Scott Arfield, born in Scotland to a Canadian father, is considering joining Benito Floro's side.

“I’m still open-minded about the whole thing," Arfield told Burnley's matchday magazine Turf. “At the stage I’m at in my career, it would be a great life experience to go and represent Canada. 

“Once you’ve played club football for so long, you want to see where it takes you and I’ve been in contact with Canada so it’s something I might do."

In his nearly decade-long professional career, Arfield has played throughout the Scottish and English pyramids. He notably helped Burnley gain promotion into the Premier League in 2014, and he made 36 starts for the Clarets in the English top flight before the club was relegated.

Despite his increasing notoreity in the club game and previous appearances at the youth levels for Scotland, Arfield has never been called by his birth country's full national team. Arfield says it's his desire to play internationally that has him considering donning the Canada shirt, despite his affinity for his homeland.

“Football takes you to so many places in your short career and you would argue there is a kid inside me that would run about in a Scotland jersey and still wants to play for them but I’m 27 now and I’m thinking the next step is international football," Arfield explained. “Going back home at international breaks and seeing people I grew up with on the council estate, that’s all they ever bang on about is how playing for Scotland would be the pinnacle. I think international football is exactly that, it’s the top level, and as you go on you see things in different ways and I perhaps don’t have as (strong of) feeling as I once did about playing for Scotland. 

“There’s no ill-feeling towards Scotland or anything like that but I’m probably leaning towards Canada.”