Chiefs too good for Chargers, Lions win

(Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs won their second straight game with a 30-13 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs are beginning to look like the team they were at the start of the season, running the ball, playing defense and hitting big plays over the top with Tyreek Hill, and when they are doing that they can compete with anyone.

In the other game on Saturday, the Detroit Lions controlled their clash against the Chicago Bears, winning 20-10 to move to 8-6.



Kansas City's recent failures have been inexplicable. The team have not suffered any major injuries, they have not faced a gauntlet of a schedule and Alex Smith has not gone through a Matt Schaub-like instant regression, so losing four straight games and six out of seven had people scratching their heads.

But their win harkened back to the beginning of the season. Kareem Hunt was dominating on the ground with 24 carries for 155 yards and a touchdown, Smith hit the big play over the top which made them so dangerous early, and the defense shut down a Chargers team that had looked unbeatable in recent weeks.

The Chiefs played solid defense and relied on their running game to get the win. For whatever reason, in all of their losses this season they have abandoned the running game with no real need to do so. In all six losses this season they have failed to give Kareem Hunt the ball 20 times. But in their current two-game winning streak, Hunt has rushed at least 20 times for more than 100 yards. In fact, when Hunt rushes at least 20 times this season, the Chiefs are undefeated.



The Chargers' quarterback had been unstoppable in his last four games, throwing for at least 300 yards in his last three and no picks in his last four. But his streak of more than 150 passes without an interception ended Saturday when Marcus Peters picked off a pass in the third quarter.

Rivers' sudden carelessness with the ball and Peters' reinvigorated game were huge Saturday. The Chiefs' cornerback came back last week from a one-game suspension for multiple reasons after Kansas City's loss to the Jets three weeks ago and he is playing like his old self again. Hunt and Peters are huge parts of this team and if they play like they did against the Chargers for the rest of the year, Kansas City will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.



It is one thing to run a west-coast offense and it is another to run an overly conservative one. The Bears are being far too careful with the 23-year-old QB. Over and over again, Trubisky is forced to throw slants, and short crossing patterns and little flares into the flat.