Mihajlovic's leukaemia treatment going to plan

Getty Images

Mihajlovic was diagnosed earlier this month and the 50 year-old former AC Milan boss will continue to undergo treatment, meaning he will miss a pre-season tour.

"Sinisa Mihajlovic completed the chemotherapy cycle that began Thursday, July 18, without any particular complication," a Bologna statement read. "The therapeutic response was in line with the expectations of the doctors of the haematology department of the Istituto Seragnoli of the Policlinico Sant'Orsola directed by Professor Cavo.

"The Bologna coach will continue to be admitted to the same institution for at least three weeks to monitor blood and clinical parameters.

"In the meantime he will be able to interact with his staff and follow from the hospital the new tour of the team in Austria that will start on July 25."