We have to trust the experts, says Mata

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The Spaniard, who said he is doing all he can to stay fit, used a United club video call to share an update on his own routine while players are training alone, and gave a positive report on his fitness.

"Being patient and calm is the only thing we can do now," Mata said.

"We have to wait and trust the experts until we can play football again.

"We are coping OK. We are obviously in the house trying to get fit and training however we can by doing some exercises in the house and the garden."

United goalkeeper Lee Grant joined Mata on the video call and said he too has been following club orders in his home training regime.

“We have got our own special programme and, really, it just centres around doing as much as we can within the confines and the safety of our own houses," the former Stoke City and Derby County goalkeeper said.

“Of course, we are utilising what equipment we have and, as Juan says, the garden has come into play as well.

“We are really just doing what we can and trying to follow, as closely as we can, the programmes that the club have given us.”