UEFA are not doing nearly enough - Wright calls for more action, declares pride in England reaction to racist abuse

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Ian Wright called on UEFA to do more to tackle racism in football after England's players were targeted by a section of Bulgaria supporters during their 6-0 Euro 2020 qualification victory in Sofia.

Play was stopped twice during the first half of the fixture after visiting players were subjected to racist chants,

England debutant Tyrone Mings highlighted the problem to the referee's assistant and the initial break included an announcement over the public address system at Vasil Levski National Stadium, urging offending fans to desist.

England were 3-0 up when boss Gareth Southgate was seen in discussion with the fourth official, preceding another stoppage that saw a group of Bulgaria supporters ejected from the ground.

The game reached half-time with the score at 4-0 and former England international Wright, watching on at the ground while working for ITV Sport, said UEFA are "not doing nearly enough" to tackle the problem.

"The fact is there are a set of people there [Bulgaria fans] who have got no respect, they have no respect," he said during half-time.

"UEFA are not doing nearly enough. I am so proud at what [the England players] are doing at the moment."

England and Bulgaria returned to the pitch following the break, during which home captain Ivelin Popov was seen conversing with some supporters.

Sections of the grandstands were closed for the match on account of previous racist incidents, with Wright highlighting what he perceived to be a futile punisment.

"This is a great day, whatever anyone says," Wright continued. "It is a terrible day for Bulgarian people and how they've been represented, but it's a great day in trying to tackle racism, simply because we can see over there in that stand, those banners [UEFA-endorsed anti-racism banners on the empty seating] that mean nothing.

"What we are seeing is a set of fans that do not care and need educating. That’s what's got to happen.

"As a black player, and we've heard it for many years about walking off, it is something that you do not want to do, because you do need your white players to do that with you, so you can go off together, because you are a team together.

"When that can happens, and you can see how powerful that is, it will do something."