Cornet's anti-doping charge for missed tests dismissed

Getty Images

The anti-doping charge against Alize Cornet has been dismissed after it was decided officials did not make great enough efforts to find her for a third test.

Cornet was charged in January for missing three tests within a 12-month period, which is considered a doping offence.

However, the International Tennis Federation released a statement on Tuesday announcing that the last of those instances no longer represented a transgression.

"An independent tribunal found, by a majority decision, that the doping control officer ("DCO") did not satisfy all of the requirements of Article I.4.3 of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations in relation to the third missed test," read the statement.

"Specifically, the DCO did not do 'what was reasonable in the circumstances (i.e. given the nature of the specified location) to try to locate the [player], short of giving [her] any advance notice of the test'.

"For that reason, the third missed test declared against Ms. Cornet no longer stands."