Four Brooklyn Nets players tested positive for coronavirus


"One of the four players has symptoms of the disease, the other three are asymptomatic," the Nets said in a statement on Twitter.

"Each of them has been placed in solitary confinement and is being followed by the team doctors," he added.

These four players tested positive are added to three other players playing in the NBA whose name is known: the French Rudy Gobert, first to have been last Wednesday, which led to the sine die suspension of the season, his teammate of the Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell and Christian Wood, interior of the Detroit Pistons.

Once the Gobert case was known, players and staff from Utah and the five teams that had played against them in the previous ten days were asked to quarantine. In this case, those of the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors.

The Brooklyn Nets were not affected by this measure.

"The franchise currently informs anyone who has had physical contact with players, including their opponents in recent matches, and works closely with national and local health authorities," she said.

"All Nets players and members are asked to stay in solitary confinement, to closely monitor their condition and to communicate frequently with the franchise's medical department," said the Brooklyn statement.