Coronavirus: Shanghai F1 double-header under consideration

Getty Images

A proposal from Formula One to host two races in Shanghai later in 2020 is under consideration, according to the Chinese city's sports bureau director Xu Bin.

The Chinese Grand Prix was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the F1 season has yet to begin because of the global health crisis.

Earlier this month, F1 published its calendar for the opening eight races of the season, all scheduled to take place in Europe.

Plans for the latter half of the season remain in limbo due to the uncertainty over COVID-19, with contingencies reportedly in place for further double-headers and potentially hosting events at tracks that were not originally on F1's calendar.

Xu said Shanghai is working on being able to host sporting events again later in the year.

"International sport organisations care a lot about these world-class sport events in China and Shanghai," he told Shanghai People's Radio.

"Despite a lot of changes of our events due to the pandemic, we have received support from international sport organisations and national associations for some of our events. 

"We would be allowed to hold the events in Shanghai at a suitable time in the second half of the year, depending on the situation of the pandemic."

Asked specifically about the possibility of an F1 double-header in the city, Xu replied: "No decision has been made yet. It's proposed by FOM [Formula One Management].

"F1 has announced they will resume the opening eight European races, without any rounds in Asia. The event originally scheduled has been postponed to the second half of the year.

"FOM asked whether we could host two races in Shanghai in the discussion. It's not been decided. It will depend on the situation of pandemic."

The delayed F1 season is set to begin in Austria on July 5.