Another incredible achievement for Perrine Fages: the first female to finish the BikingMan


Perrine, who last July broke the women’s world record of the Enduroman Arch to Arc ultra-distance triathlon, added yet another incredible achievement to her sporting career.

The French lawyer, who works as for the Doha based broadcast company beIN SPORTS, only started cycling three years ago when she moved to Qatar. Perrine tried to push herself with a new sport having already been a professional mountaineer, marathon runner and swimmer, whilst taking part in several international ultra-distances events.

The organizers of the BikingMan have congratulated Perrine with a post on their official Instagram showing the tremendous difficulties that Perrine has faced during her cycle. This included extensive humidty, grueling night rides through the jungle along with six flat tires & a continuing the race after injuring her knee in a crash.  



Perrine Fages 🇫🇷 @perrinefage first and only female who managed to finish #bikingmanTaiwan just arrived in Taipei 🇹🇼in 119h32min!!!! . 28min before the cut off time she went through so much on the race course with a rental bike: bike falls, riding the jungle sections at night, GPS and phone batteries died and so much more... Congratulations Perrine ! She also becomes the first female 2018 BikingMan champion!!! . . . @Bikingman_Ultra @ortlieb_waterproof @ismseat @opencycle @schwalbetires #bikingman #rideultra #bikepacking #ultracycling #biketouring #cycletouring #adventurebybike #adventurecycling #endurancecycling #longdistancebikepacking #bikingmanSeries #empower

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However, Perrine succeeded to overcome all obstacles in her path to finish the challenge with 119 hours & 32 minutes, just 28 minutes before the cut off time.

BikingMan started in 2017 and was created originally by the French adventurer Axel Carion. The event is widely considered one of the toughest cycling events in the World. Which will see participants to overcome difficult routes and to face changeable weathers without any kind of external assistance. The 2018 event occurred in multiple countries in four continents throughout the year: Oman, Corsica, Peru, and the final stop Taiwan.

30 cyclists only from 16 countries took part in the challenge in Taiwan where it was held for the first time, starting from October 22.

At the end of Taiwain race, the champions of the BikingMan 2018 events are announced by categories after calculating their points.

The total distance of Taiwan circuit was 1,150 kilometers, where the challenge was to finish the distance with less than 120 hours.

Each participant, had to carry everything they needed for the duration the race such as food & puncture equipment whilst each cyclist had to plan rest time and sleep breaks, all of that without receiving any external assistance.

Additionally, each cyclist was equipped with a wearable GPS tracking system to monitor their progression over the course of the grueling cycle.  

Now Perrine will turn her attentions to the first event of the BikingMan season which will take part in Oman in February 2019.  

BikingMan rules

  • No support cars are allowed
  • Athletes are self-supported and need to handle fueling, repairs and rest during the race
  • Every athlete needs to stamp her/his progression at every manned checkpoint in the opening time windows
  • Drafting and riding as a pack are forbidden
  • Every athlete needs to carry a GPS tracking system to trace her/his progression
  • External assistance of any kind is forbidden
  • SOLO or pair riders can attempt the races