Bayliss to step down as England coach next year

Getty Images

England coach Trevor Bayliss plans to step down from his role when his contract expires after the 2019 Ashes. Bayliss has come under fire after England's 4-0 series loss to Australia was completed in Sydney on Monday.

The 55-year-old, who was named coach in May 2015, said he would step aside at the end of his deal. "I told [England director of cricket] Andrew Strauss probably 12 months ago that September 2019 is when I'm contracted to and that would see me out," Bayliss told UK media.

"I've never been anywhere any more than four or five years. Whether you're going well or not I've always felt that roundabout that four-year mark is time to change. A new voice, a slightly different approach slightly reinvigorates things, so I passed that on to him 12 months ago."

Bayliss and England will get a chance to regain the urn when they host Australia in 2019.