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The non-stop sport continues* on beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS CONNECT with:

  • LaLiga
  • Women's European Handball Championship
  • Copa Libertadores
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • Serie A
  • European Champions Cup rugby
  • European Challenge Cup rugby

*Fixtures subject to change, please refer to our EPG for the most up-to-date TV schedule information and keep track of which additional matches are available on Xtra via CONNECT here

**All times listed in AEDT



  • EHF Women's EURO: Spain v Czech Republic, 4:15am CONNECT
  • EHF Women's EURO: Germany v Poland, 4:15am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Hoffenheim v Augsburg, 6:20am beIN 3
  • EHF Women's EURO: Romania v Norway, 6:30am CONNECT
  • EHF Women's EURO: Russia v Sweden, 6:30am CONNECT
  • Serie A: Fiorentina v Genoa, 6:35am beIN 1
  • LaLiga: Eibar v Valencia, 6:55am beIN 2
  • Major League Soccer: Seattle v Minnesota, 1:50pm beIN 3


  • EHF Women's EURO: Montenegro v Slovenia, 4:15am CONNECT
  • EHF Women's EURO: Serbia v Croatia, 4:15am CONNECT
  • EHF Women's EURO: Netherlands v Hungary, 6:30am CONNECT
  • EHF Women's EURO: France v Denmark, 6:30am CONNECT
  • EFL Championship: Millwall v QPR, 6:40am beIN 2
  • Copa Libertadores: Libertad v Palmeiras, 11:25am beIN 1
  • Copa Sudamericana: Velez v UC, 11:25am beIN 2


  • EFL Championship: Bristol City v Blackburn, 6:40am beIN 2
  • Copa Libertadores: Gremio v Santos, 9:10am beIN 1
  • Copa Sudamericana: Bahia v Defensa, 9:10am beIN 2
  • Copa Libertadores: Boca Juniors v Internacional, 11:25am beIN 1
  • Copa Sudamericana: Junior v Coquimbo, 11:25am beIN 2


  • Women's UEFA Champions League: Gornik v PSG, 3:00am CONNECT
  • Copa Sudamericana: Lanus v Independiente, 9:10am beIN 1
  • Copa Libertadores: River Plate v Nacional, 11:25am beIN 1


  • Challenge Cup: St Francais v Benetton, 4:25am beIN 2
  • Champions Cup: Northhampton Saints v Bordeaux-Begles, 4:25am beIN 3
  • Bundesliga: Wolfsburg v Frankfurt, 6:30am CONNECT
  • Serie A: Sassuolo v Benevento, 6:35am beIN 1
  • LaLiga: Valladolid v Osasuna, 6:55am beIN 2
  • Champions Cup: Ulster v Toulouse, 6:55am beIN 3
  • EFL Championship: Cardiff v Swansea, 11:25pm beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Valencia v Athletic, 11:55pm beIN 1
  • Champions Cup: Bristol v Clermont, 11:55pm beIN 3


  • EFL Championship: Blackburn v Norwich, 1:55am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Getafe v Sevilla, 2:10am beIN 1
  • Champions Cup: Bath v Scarlets, 2:10am beIN 3
  • Serie A: Torino v Udinese, 3:55am beIN 2
  • Bundesliga: FC Union v Bayern, 4:20am beIN 1
  • Champions Cup: Montpellier v Leinster, 4:25am beIN 3
  • Serie A: Lazio v Verona, 6:35am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Real Madrid v Atletico, 6:55am beIN 1
  • Champions Cup: Edinburgh v La Rochelle, 6:55am beIN 3
  • Major League Soccer, 12:30pm beIN 1
  • Serie A: Cagliari v Inter, 10:20pm beIN 1
  • SPFL: Dundee Utd v Rangers, 10:55pm beIN 2
  • Champions Cup: Lyon v Gloucester, 11:55pm beIN 3


  • Serie A: Atalanta v Fiorentina, 12:50am beIN 1
  • Serie A: Bologna v Roma, 12:55am beIN 2
  • Champions Cup: Exeter v Glasgow, 2:10am beIN 3
  • Serie A: Genoa v Juventus, 3:50am beIN 1
  • LaLiga: Elche v Granada, 4:25am beIN 2
  • Champions Cup: Munster v Harlequins, 4:25am beIN 3
  • Serie A: Milan v Parma, 6:35am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Barcelona v Levante, 6:55am beIN 1
  • Ligue 1: PSG v Lyon, 6:55am beIN 2