Just how accurate is Ronaldo's bizarre statue?

beIN & Getty

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Sport loves an inaccurate statue when it comes to honouring its greatest players and football icon Cristiano Ronaldo is no different, with this bizarre bust unveiled in his honour at Madeira airport. 

Now the technical development team here at beIN has taken it a step further, applying the comical capitulum to a number of iconic Ronaldo poses in order to determine just how accurate, or otherwise, the statue is. 

First up the 'muscle' celebration that Ronaldo produced after the fourth goal of the 2014 UEFA Champions League final. deemed excessive in its scope, the celebration was rumoured to have been performed for the crew in attendance filming 'Cristiano Ronaldo: the movie.' 

The statue will no doubt add a comical twist to the third act of that particular blockbuster, albeit, it doesn't really add to Ronaldo's likeness. 

Next its Ronaldo's cheesy Ballon d'Or grin that gets a metallic makeover. Perhaps ironically, the statue makes him look more like his eternal rival, Lionel Messi, in this shot. An image that won't rest well with the Portuguese ace.

Ronaldo turned academic when he unveiled his 'the thinker' piece after netting a hat-trick against City rival Atleti this season. Ronaldo's pose, pioneered by 19th-century French sculptor Auguste Rodin, received widespread ridicule on social media, but the geologic facelift lends it a more authoritative air, albeit still looking nothing like our man.

It's the celebration rival fans love to hate, our man theatrically jumping in the air and landing with chest puffed out, arms rigid by his side. With the iron mask treatment, Ronaldo looks more like A-League hot head Besart Berisha.

As this carefully assembled dossier of evidence indicates, the statue is the latest in a long line of horrendous representations of those champions who have scaled the heights in their respective sport. 

And it seems social media will not be letting Ronaldo forget about it in a hurry.