It's Not Over Until It's Over - Football Crazy Episode 53



On this week's Football Crazy, Kevin 'Jack Bauer' Egan goes deep about his 24-hour mission in Orlando, covering the USSF presidential election: from his candid very interview with Hope Solo to Carlos Cordeiro's shock win.

After that, the conversation turns to all things European football, starting in Spain, where Atleti are inching ever closer to league leaders Barca; Zidane's men - with the exception of Benzema - rediscover their groove just in time for PSG; the Abelardo effect doesn't seem to be wearing off at Alaves; and The Frogs are hopping mad after the Valencia derby.

Then onto the Land of Calcio - Italy - where Fiorentina find another reason to hate Juve; Napoli continue to hold their nerve; Inter return to winning ways thanks to a Born on beIN starlet; and The Rooster finally breaks his 2018 duck.

Next up, Enger-land, where Newcastle's feeble fortress withstands Mourinho for the seventh time; Kane is more than able for the North London derby; Man City investment is paying out dividends; and Roy Hodgson's potty mouth sullies the airwaves.

All of the above plus a history lesson about the origin of the 'Olympic Goal', Champions League predictions, and our brand-spanking new Power Rankings.

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