Was Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty actually a volley?


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A number of football pundits believe Cristiano Ronaldo may have produced a 'stamping' move designed to magically make the ball bobble on the penalty spot, during the 3-1 UCL r16 first leg win over PSG, thus giving him the chance to volley it into the net with more power.

In his capacity as an analyst for BT Sport, retired Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand claimed Ronaldo used to practice stomping his penultimate step in order to make the ball flick up off the turf, during his time at Old Trafford.  "He used to do that in training you know," Ferdinand said. "He used to mess about in training and do it but to do it in a game, I’m not saying he means it there, but he used to do it. I swear to you, crazy but he used to do it."

Ronaldo's penalty was too fast and powerful for PSG goal-keeper Alfonso Areola and all the more impressive, if, as Ferdinand hinted, the Portuguese managed to manipulate the ball before he even struck it.