Arsenal’s next signing has to be a manager

Add as many strikers as you want. Throw in another defensive midfielder and a defender for good measure. The fact remains, until Arsenal signs a new manager, nothing will change on the pitch.

At the start of the season I wrote that it was make or break time for Arsene Wenger. Well, this morning, things broke beyond repair for many fed-up Gunners fans. 

For years they've defended Wenger - the stylish manager with an eye for a bargain who espouses the beautiful game. 

Through the sepia-toned glasses of the exploits of all-conquering 'invincibles' , they've gritted their teeth through mediocrity as the club built a $685 million home.

They've persevered through one underwhelming  transfer window after another, as rivals splashed the big money to gain that competitive edge. They've watched countless star players leave the club in search of silverware, their spirits emboldened by the hope that Wenger would deliver another history-making campaign. 

Now the Emirates is paid off, big money has been spent on players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, champions like Petr Cech have been brought in.

Despite all that, titles that were theirs for the taking have gone to Leicester. Bayern Munich is still dishing out embarrassing cricket scores and the team's mental frailty shows no signs of improving. Arsene Wenger and the club have run out of excuses. The 5-1 drubbing against Bayern Munich was the last straw.

It had nothing to do with money, or calibre of players - the Gunners lacked mongrel, desire and the tactical nous to change what clearly wasn’t working.

If you think Arsenal’s woes come down to its roster, you need only look at PSG’s masterclass against Barcelona on Wednesday (AEDT).

On paper, PSG had no chance of beating a Barcelona side boasting the best front three in the world, not to mention Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets ticking things over in midfield.

WATCH: Stunned Wenger takes defeat hard

Unai Emery set up his side brilliantly as PSG stifled a star-studded Barcelona side with relentless pressing high up the field.

The players fought for each other and their coach, getting the job done with a resounding 4-0 win.

Faced with the same task of containing a Champions League juggernaut, Wenger's side cowered from confrontation and afforded a slower, less intense Bayern than last season's version, far too much time on the ball.

Arsenal’s free-flowing attacking style was nowhere to be seen as the Gunners 'parked the bus.' This heat map indicates just much time the Arsenal player spent on their side of the halfway line.

Arsenal’s best player this season – Alexis Sanchez - worked tirelessly to press Bayern, but his team-mates didn’t oblige, much to the Chilean's frustration.

To be fair, Arsenal's players were probably following orders to sit in and defend, but when Arjen Robben cut them to pieces after just 10 minutes, Wenger needed to change tack. 

Instead the Frenchman defiantly sat back waiting for a miracle.

Alexis Sanchez did pull one back for the Gunners, thanks to some anonymous defending from Mats Hummels amid a goal-mouth scramble, but after that the English side appeared helpless to stop the onslaught as Bayern scored three goals in 10 minutes.  

It's the same old story year-after-year for Arsenal, and the North London club won’t challenge Europe's elite until there is change.

Arsene Wenger has undoubtedly revolutionised the club, but his 20-year race has run its course. Arsenal needs a fresh face, with a fresh approach, to take it into the modern era.

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