Exclusive- Arsenal boss tempted by the prospect of coaching at 2022 World Cup

Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger has exclusively revealed to beIN SPORTS that he is looking of manage a side at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Wenger spoke with beIN SPORTS on the Qatar tournament which is now just five years away, along with thoughts on how is own career is set to develop. 

“I believe that on the quality on the stadiums, the quality of the organization and the competition you have no doubt because they have the financial potential to do it well in Qatar” said the Arsenal boss when asked about the 2022 tournament. 

“Certainly they will have their pride to propose special stadiums, special innovations and on that front I am convinced that they will surprise the world.”

Whilst Wenger did reveal that an international job is a move he is potentially looking for in the future, whilst still remaining committed to Arsenal and insisting that being a club manager is the “real test” of his abilities. 

“Maybe yes, I will do it at some stage but until now I like to be involved every day in the life of a club, you know because the real test is there.”

“Four or five weeks (At the World Cup) is a different experience it’s more concentrated. But I believe the real experience to manage a team is on a daily basis, I will not always have the physical strength to do that so maybe I will move into that” added Wenger. 

Wenger has had a twenty one year association with Arsenal, and signed a new two year contract extension last summer, however that didn’t stop Wenger to admit that he was tempted by the prospect of international management. 

“Yes of course. For me I haven’t decided that, for me it looks just a fact that my life is linked with football, in what way will be linked with my physical state.”

“Until the end of my life I will be in football, I don’t know as a director or a manager as long as possible as a manager but one day that will stop. I will stay in football of course” 

Whilst Wenger coyly ended the interview insisting that he could be managing an international side at the 2022 tournament. “Maybe, you never know."