Sports Burst - Real Madrid's First Clasico Crisis

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Will Zidane show faith in the prolific forward line of VAB or go with the Hazard lead BAH?


When Sports Burst suggested a Twitter poll to the beIN SPORTS fraternity to help pick whether the collective hive mind of the planet wanted wither BAV, AVB, of VAB as the new branded acronym for Real Madrid's attacking trident of Karim Benzema, Vinicius Jr and Marco Asensio, it was met with looks ranging from confusion and sympathy. 

That happens most days, anyway. 


It seems that none of these clunky options are going to take off due to the branding success of BBC and MSN. It might also be because it could be a redundant acronym ahead of El Clasico because Eden Hazard is back from injury to mess things up.

The words "Eden Hazard is back from injury" have now been written on five different occasions this season. So the question now is whether Coach Zizou will plonk the Belgian in the starting line-up to give Barcelona a bit of a surprise. If so, who will be taken out? Will it be a BAH formation with Benzema, Asensio and Hazard or the consonant-dominated VBH featuring Vinicius?


Or will Zidane stick with the currently tried and tested VAB formation that has produced all eight goals for Real Madrid in the team's last three games?

The Locker Room will be pondering over that amongst everything else as it goes to Madrid with the big build up on beIN XTRA at 6PM ET / 3PM PT. 



Griezmann becomes mathematical impossibility ahead of el Clasico 


Two major doubts for Barcelona in terms of the starting  line-up - one is fairly ordinary and the other truly is of cosmic mind-blowing proportions that is now obsessing Sports Burst. 

Gerard Pique has been in training and is expected to make the squad for Saturday's squad due to a knee injury. 



However, the mental and physical state of Antoine Griezmann ahead of the game must come into question. And it's not necessarily the footballer's fault.

Thursday saw the birth of the French forward's third child, Alba Griezmann, so huge congratulations on that. This is an exhausting experience in itself, just two days ahead of a season-defining match against Real Madrid. But Griez-Lightning also had to oversee and plan birthdays on that same day for his two other children.

Yep - Antoine Griezmann's three children were all born on April 8th in 2016, 2019 and now 2021. And while there are lots of quite relevant questions about El Clasico to ponder, Sports Burst has a lot of questions with the logistics of this going forward. 

Will the children feel left out by having to share a special day or will it be a giant joyous affair? In theory its something that twins, triplets and quadruplets and so on go through all the time. 


Will there be one big cake to blow out by all three children or three individual ones? If so, how does one go about eating three cakes? Will Eden Hazard be around to help?

In terms of the happy birthday greetings, do the parents go in order of who was born first, or go youngest up, as they tend to be the more sensitive?

On another note, July 8th 2021 is currently listed as National Chocolate with Almonds Day. It needs to become National Mommy and Daddy Griezmann Need Quiet Time Day to make it four from four in 2022. 

Coverage of El Clasico gets underway on Saturday from 2PM ET / 11AM ET on Saturday. 



Lil' Lille can open big gap on PSG on Friday 


24 hours before El Clasico takes place, a huge moment in the Ligue 1 title race gets underway on Friday. 

While LaLiga boasts three teams in the title race which is impressive in itself, France is offering up four viable competitors - Lille, PSG, Monaco and Lyon. 


Lille are up first on Friday at Metz at 3PM ET / 12PM ET live on beIN SPORTS and should Timothy Weah and co come through with a win, then the gap will be six points on PSG ahead of their own Ligue 1 trap-game on Saturday at Strasbourg at 11AM ET / 8AM PT. 

Kicking off at the same time on the network on the free beIN XTRA channel today, there is world-class women's soccer with France taking on England in an international friendly. 

But that's not where the fun ends. The Copa Libertadores qualifying rounds continue with a rescheduled humdinger first leg between Independiente del Valle and Gremio at 6PM ET / 3PM ET. 

Both of these teams will be in today's draw for the Copa Libertadores group stages - keep an eye on beIN for the details - but only one will be there in the end for their start on Tuesday 20th April.