Sports Burst - Neymar The Nowhere Man



by Tim Stannard


Neymar in limbo as PSG demand a price for the player that no-one will pay 


Neymar has become the Schrodinger's Cat of soccer. 

The Brazilian is simultaneously living in multiple states of reality as the footballer dominates the summer transfer headlines for a third year in a row.


Sports Burst will try to bring forth the inter-dimensional strings of truth on where Neymar is now and where he will end up. On a physical plane, Neymar is apparently in Brazil - but could be France - injured and therefore not being booed by home supporters in a lame Copa America performance from the national side. 

In a contractual sense, Neymar is a PSG player although that appears to be tenuous. Thursday's edition of 'Sport' is blasting 'Rebellion' on its front page claiming rather vaguely that Neymar has made his PSG bosses aware that he wants to leave PSG and return to Barcelona.

'Fine' says 'Le Parisian', channeling PSG who would want $337 million to be rid of a footballer that has largely caused problems in Paris. That's more than than Barcelona received for a footballer that is now older and more injury-prone due to a dodgy foot.


That $337m amount would be very problematic to Barcelona's bean counters even if the locker room would be happy to see Neymar back. Half the current roster would need to be sold to pay for the Brazilian. 

So perhaps this is the summer where Real Madrid finally land a footballer that the team has coveted for years, even though Neymar hankers after moving into his old pad back in Barcelona. $300m would be a stretch on top of all the cash splashed this summer but there are an awful lot of sellable assets in the squad. 

Sports Burst's prediction is that Neymar will go nowhere this summer with 80% certainty. 15% chance of a return to Barcelona. 5% Real Madrid.

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Argentina invent new Messi misery as USWNT have Swede dreams 


And so onto the tournaments. Argentina have found whole new ways to ruin Leo Messi's summer after a 1-1 draw against Paraguay on Thursday night saw the Albiceleste having to beat Qatar on Sunday or make a very early exit from Copa America. Everyone knows how that is going to go. 

"It would be crazy not to go through," noted Messi who scored a penalty to keep Argentina's tournament hopes hanging by a thread. 

Uruguay are expected to have no such issues today in its second round group game against Japan. A win will see Luis Suarez and co joining Colombia in the second round. 

It's a hefty Thursday in the Women's World Cup with the USWNT in action in the team's final group match which will decide the opponents in the next round. A victory or draw against Sweden sees the US taking on Spain - decent but can't score goals. 

A loss might pair the team against Canada in a bit of a grudge match especially after comments from the neighbors to the north about over-celebrating. All will become clear as Groups E and F wrap up and the last sixteen pairings are firmed up. 

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And the start of the Africa Cup of Nations is just one sleep away and it is all live and exclusive on beIN SPORTS as Mo Salah's Egypt looks to lift the trophy on home soil. 



Milan plays safe with new coach as Juve present a Sarri sight 


Milan has thrown away the Serie A style guide. Broken every rule in the book. Handed in its badge and piece to the precinct captain and gone rogue. A bold, genre-changing name has been brought in to San Siro to shake things up both at the club in the Italian game. 

Not really. 


The struggling Serie A side has gone safe and picked Marco Giampaolo, who was most recently the coach of Sampdoria. The 51-year-old has signed on for two years and is the team's eight boss since Max Allegri was fired in 2014 in what turned out to be a spectacularly bad idea for Milan. 

Speaking of Allegri, Juventus are spending Thursday unveiling Allegri's replacement at Juventus. And in keeping with a Serie A pattern, the Old Lady has also chosen a gruff, veteran Italian coach who has been around the blocks - hello Mauricio Sarri. 

Curiously, that means that three of the new managers of last season's top four teams in Italy - Juventus, Napoli and Inter all have coaches that enjoyed had a stint at Chelsea - Sarri, Ancelotti and Conte. Roma, who finished sixth, had Claudio Ranieri last season. Expect Frank Lampard to be Lazio boss in three years time.