Sports Burst: Messi Created a Firestorm with Pass from Penalty Spot

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By Tim Stannard

Welcome to Monday's edition of Sports Burst!, where beIN SPORTS picks its way through the breakfast buffet of sport, with a heavy helping of sauce. 

Debate over Messi's marvel continues as James paycheck revealed at Madrid 

The fine folk of the US of A got to enjoy the sight and sounds, on Saturday evening, of a group of blowhards slinging arrows and insults at each other in South Carolina. Well, the eternally divided soccer landscape of Spain would have gone the same route the following night, with much debate over whether Leo Messi's sly penalty lay-off - although the Argentinean is so bad at spot kicks, that the effort might have been his actual attempt - and whether it was fair game or mean and disrespectful.

The debate rumbles on into Monday - with 'Marca' backing Barcelona for once - and the controversy will surely continue on tonight's edition of 'The Locker Room' at 10.30PM ET. 

Football Leaks strikes again in Madrid dressing room

If there's one thing that is going to instantly ruin the harmony in any dressing room - no, not Rafa Benitez - it is cash-obsessed, superstar footballers knowing what each other earns. Last week, the whopping salary of Toni Kroos was released by 'Football Leaks' and now it is the turn of James Rodriguez, who reportedly earns around $8.6 million a year before tax. So it won't be a problem hiring that chauffeur when the Colombian's speeding case comes to court.

Meanwhile, more food for thought for Real Madrid supporters with a revelation that Milan striker, Carlos Bacca, may well have been at the Bernabeu this year, if Carlo Ancelotti had not been sacked last summer. That's the theory of Milan chief executive, Adriano Galliani, anyway. 

"Big boy" Aurier faces Blanc stare from PSG boss as Hazard admits to wanting move

The next story combines dressing room unrest and the idea that the internet is a very bad idea indeed if you are a professional sportsman. A clueless one, at that. PSG defender, Serge Aurier has been suspended indefinitely by his club after some very unsavory comments directed at King Zlatan and Laurent Blanc during an ill-fated Periscope session. In Monday's press conference, the PSG boss has said that Aurier "is a big boy and can do what he wants. But he will have to handle the consequences."

There is better news for the French club ahead of Tuesday's completely enormous Champions League clash with Chelsea on Tuesday, Eden Hazard has said that he could be interested in the wealth of PSG - in terms of experience to be picked up, of course - and a move to the French capital next summer. Meanwhile, Marco Verratti has signed a contract extension that keeps him at the club to 2020. Which is very good news indeed.

More raised eyebrows in Russia and possible Dutch skullduggery 

Serious face time. The Dutch FA's integrity unit has confirmed that there was a clear attempt to fix an Eredivisie clash between Willem II and Utrecht back in 2009. 

Serious face time again. Although with one eyebrow raised in a questioning manner. The former head of Russia's anti-doping agency, Nikita Kamaev, has died just two months after resigning his post after a massive doping scandal broke in Russian track and field, which currently leaves the country's federation suspended. A sudden heart attack, apparently. 

It's impossible to have a straight face of any kind when it comes to FIFA. Michel Platini to have his appeal heard today on his eight-year ban from all football activity, which could still see him lining up in Newcastle United's back four, should the Frenchman so desire. 

What to watch...

Monday sees an absolute sizzler in the Championship at 2.45 PM ET on beIN SPORTS with a bit of a rivalry clash between Leeds United and a Middlesbrough side that was formerly flying but has now failed to win in the past four games. Full highlights on tonight's edition of the Xtra at 10PM ET.