Sports Burst - Will Real Madrid be Bounced by Czechs?

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Solari hopes to avoid Czech bounce in Champions League against Viktoria Plzen 


A glorious day in the Champions League on Tuesday saw plucky, battling upstarts walking up to the apple cart, dancing on it, tipping it over and then setting it on fire. In purely sporting terms.

Plucky upstarts such as Red Star Belgrade who took on and defeated Liverpool to keep Group C with Napoli and PSG going down to the wire. Plucky upstarts like Tottenham who still have a sneaky chance of overcoming Inter in Group B

Today sees the chance of another beaten-down club in action in the Champions League, a club limping through the season with a coach with barely two weeks of top flight experience and strikers who cannot score. Yep. Real Madrid. 


Santiago Solari is back for his third outing as Madrid boss and it's another step up the rung. From Copa del Rey to La Liga and now Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League. 

A victory in the Czech Republic and it should be enough to push the Spanish side into the next round. Anything less, and a more worrisome group campaign awaits. "Every team can always improve," were the hopeful words of the Argentinean. 

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Juventus expect entrenched battle against Manchester United


Juventus has the chance to continue a near flawless campaign so far with a Champions League clash against Manchester United. 

Romelu Lukaku will be missing through injury for that clash, not that it would make too much difference as it is unlikely that any United striker will see any involvement in the game. 


It's not just Manchester City's bank accounts that are being examined at the moment, but also the ability of the players to put in a barn-storming repeat of the team's EPL form in the Champions League. Shakhtar Donetsk are today's opponents in a Group F clash. 

Elsewhere, a very troubled Bayern Munich is in action in a home clash against AEK Athens. 

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Florida-man wins poll to start MLS stadium plans 


Time to break the fourth wall of sport and talk midterms and the result of an election in the wacky world Florida. That's right - Floridians voted overwhelmingly for the right to be publicly naked anytime of the day or night they darn well please, as long as a unicycle was being ridden at the time.  


Elsewhere in the state, David Beckham had his first foray into politics on Tuesday night and picked up a big victory, with his group winning a ballot proposition to allow his Inter Miami group to negotiate with city authorities to build a stadium for the upcoming MLS club on the site of a council-owned golf course. 

"Today is an exciting day," noted Becks, whose Inter Miami side is due to start its MLS life in 2020. 


Wenger denies Milan move. So does Zlatan


And now to wrap up all the titanic transfer rumors. And Arsene Wenger has put his grown-up foot down on the fun notion of the Frenchman taking over Milan for some reason. "Fake news" declared Wenger to beIN SPORTS. 


King Zlatan has done the same thing by telling the reporters that he is not planning a loan move from LA Galaxy to Milan as something to do during the winter. "If I belong to the Galaxy then I am a Galaxy player," was the claim for the Swede remembering that he now had a good four months off, while living in California. What dreams may come. 

Gareth Bale is being linked with Manchester United. Again. Anthony Martial is being linked with Inter. For the first time that Sports Burst can remember, anyway.