UEFA Backs FIFA Recommendation For Winter Schedule At 2022 Qatar World Cup



The recommendation of a FIFA task force to move the 2022 Qatar World Cup to November and December has been backed by UEFA.

The announcement was made on Tuesday following a six-month consultation process, which came after fears had been raised over the risks of playing the tournament in the country's summer months, when temperatures reach around 40 degrees centigrade.

A switch of dates is likely to cause considerable disruption to domestic competitions across Europe, but UEFA is in full support of the decision.

"UEFA supports the recommendation made by the FIFA task force for the International Match Calendar 2018-24 to stage the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar from late November to late December 2022," a statement read.

"UEFA believes that - for the benefits of players and fans - the event should be played in winter and now awaits the final decision from the FIFA Executive Committee meeting on 18/19 March 2015.

"UEFA sees no major issues in rescheduling its competitions for the 2022/23 season, should the 2022 FIFA World Cup proposal be approved by the FIFA Executive Committee, and UEFA acknowledges that the competition may be shortened and thus that the release period of players be reduced."

The decision is expected to be confirmed at the next meeting of the FIFA executive committee, which will take place in Zurich on March 19 and 20.