Samuel Umtiti Singled Out For Praise By Luis Euis Enrique

Getty Images

Samuel Umtit's adaptation to Barcelona life has impressed his coach, Luis Enrique.

Umtiti made the move from Lyon and has impressed since joining Barca.

The France international centre-back came in for special praise from Luis Enrique for coping with the burden of expectation that accompanies a switch to one of the world's biggest clubs. 

"He's adapted well because of his technical and tactical qualities, not just his physical attributes," he said.

"In looking at his performance - it's only something you can find out when you come to play for Barca. In overcoming different situations on the field and the things that he's done. You can only see when he's here. 

"I think you get players from time to time and you think they're going to turn out and play well because they did well at their previous teams. But they come to Barcelona and Real Madrid with extra pressure, [their] performance gets diluted and it becomes more difficult for them to do well. 

"But in Umtiti's case it's not just what we expected, he's [also] improving."