Russian Fans In Stand-Off With French Police As Bus Is Searched

Getty Images

A bus-load of Russian supporters - including Alexander Shprygin, the far-right head of the All-Russian Fans' Union - were being held by French authorities in southern France on Tuesday.

Shprygin claimed they had been told they face deportation and had asked for the Russian consul to intervene on the stand-off in Cannes.

In a series of tweets, Shprygin wrote: "They’ve pulled our bus over, demanding we all get out, searching for weapons and drugs and checking documents.

"They’re deporting two women who particpated in precisely nothing.

"We are an official group of fans, this is a circus."

Marseille's chief prosecutor Brice Robin on Monday confirmed not a single Russian had been arrested for the violence that marred their Euro 2016 opener against England in the city on Saturday.

Despite admitting around 150 "ultra-violent and ultra-rapid" Russian hooligans were involved in the trouble prior to and following the game, the majority detained were British.

That has prompted French police to try to round up those they believe were involved, but Shprygin claims they are currently investigating the wrong people.

"Not one person who took part in the Marseille violence has been apprehended but instead they’re deporting the whole Russian supporters union in three days," he tweeted.

“We’re not getting off the bus. A complete farce. 

"They have offered us lunch but no water and we are not able to go to the toilet."