UEFA Champions League Final: Juventus Player Ratings

  • Gianluigi Buffon (9/10)
    1/11 Gianluigi Buffon (9/10): He may be 39 years old, but Buffon remains one of the very best goalkeepers around. His experience more than makes up for any lost agility, conceding just once in the knock-out rounds.
  • Andrea Barzagli (7/10)
    2/11 Andrea Barzagli (7/10): Like Buffon, 36-year-old Barzagli has a wealth of experience to rely on. Bale, Benzema and Cristiano will have a tough time up against Juve's own BBC back-line.
  • Leonardo Bonucci (9/10)
    3/11 Leonardo Bonucci (9/10): One of the best defenders in Europe and, unsurprisingly, linked with a number of European wannabes, Bonucci will marshal this compact rearguard.
  • Giorgio Chiellini (8/10)
    4/11 Giorgio Chiellini (8/10): Alongside Bonucci, Chiellini excelled against Barca in the quarter-finals. Having missed the 2015 final, he will be determined to make the difference this time out.
  • Dani Alves (8/10)
    5/11 Dani Alves (8/10): Changes further forward might have received more attention, but picking up Alves from Barca was one of the transfers of the season. He has been magnificent.
  • Miralem Pjanic (8/10)
    6/11 Miralem Pjanic (8/10): Another new recruit this term, Pjanic has settled swiftly into a winning team. His quality is crucial in creating chances for Juve's star forwards.
  • Sami Khedira (7/10)
    7/11 Sami Khedira (7/10): That Khedira is one of the lowest scorers serves only to show the quality on display in Cardiff. Against his former side, the Germany international will impose himself on the midfield.
  • Alex Sandro (8/10)
    8/11 Alex Sandro (8/10): Incredibly, Sandro has just six caps for Brazil. That is largely down to Marcelo's presence and he will look to show up his more experienced compatriot in this match.
  • Paulo Dybala (9/10)
    9/11 Paulo Dybala (9/10): While Dybala's goal tally has dipped this season, his performance levels have not. Two marvellous goals in the last eight did for Barca and international team-mate Messi.
  • Gonzalo Higuain (9/10)
    10/11 Gonzalo Higuain (9/10): The final piece of the Juve puzzle? Higuain made a mockery of his previously modest knock-out record with a brace at Monaco in the semi-finals.
  • Mario Mandzukic (6/10)
    11/11 Mario Mandzukic (6/10): Higuain's arrival has pushed Mandzukic out of the spotlight, but he has thrived all the same. While he might be less talented than his fellow forwards, he remains a threat.