The Most Notorious Kidnappings in World Soccer

  • Kidnappings in Soccer
    1/10 Remember some cases where players, coaches or their relatives were deprived of their freedom.
  • Alfredo Di Stefano
    2/10 Alfredo Di Stefano: On August 26, 1963, Real Madrid legend was kidnapped in order to attract publicity for the Armed Forces of National Liberation a guerrilla group that campaigned against government corruption in Venezuela. After 72 hours, he was released unharmed near Spain Embassy in Caracas.
  • Alan Pulido
    3/10 Alan Pulido: In the most recent case, twenty hours after being kidnapped, striker Olympiakos was released on 30 May 2016 by the Federal Police because he managed to subdue his captor and, after stripping him of the weapon and the mobile phone, he made him reveal the place of captivity, in the northeastern state of Taumalipas, to notify the authorities. The kidnapping was intended to get his family a great amount of money.
  • Ruben Omar Romano
    4/10 Ruben Omar Romano: Argentine coach and former player was kidnapped in Mexico on July 19, 2005 and was released 65 days later. Police later apprehended his kidnappers. He was working with Cruz Azul at the time.
  • Carlos Tevez
    5/10 Carlos Tevez: Tevez's father was kidnapped on July 29, 2014, when his son played for Juventus, and the Argentina press speculated at the time that he had to pay a ransom equivalent to U$ 65,000. The release was 9 hours later.
  • Juan Roman Riquelme
    6/10 Juan Roman Riquelme: His younger brother Christian was kidnapped in 2002 to which the Argentine international had to pay a ransom between U$ 140.000 and U$ 160.000 in order to have him released.
  • Diego and Gabriel Milito
    7/10 Diego and Gabriel Milito: In late August 2002, the father of former players was tied to a bed and blindfolded for two days. The happy ending came after the payment of $ 10,000 that both of them agreed to give to the captors.
  • Jorge Campos
    8/10 Jorge Campos: His father Alvaro Campos was kidnapped on February 1999 in Acapulco. He was released after a reported ransom of 40.000 dollars after 10 days of captivity.
  • Romario
    9/10 Romario: His father was kidnapped in May, 1994, and was realeased by Brazilian police 6 days later. The kidnappers asked for a ransom of 7 million dollars.
  • Leonardo Astrada
    10/10 Leonardo Astrada: In the summer of 2003, a six-man gang staged a car accident as a cover for kidnapping his father, the legendary captain of River Plate, another Argentinean team. At his last game in Buenos Aires' River Plate Stadium, Astrada moved the crowd to tears by wearing a white T-shirt imprinted with a photograph of his father, hoping that his father would be watching the game from wherever he was being held captive. Astrada was released after his kidnappers were paid an undisclosed sum of money.