Pochettino Backs Kane's Goal Claim



Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has backed Harry Kane's character following the contentious decision to award him a goal originally scored by Christian Eriksen.

The Premier League's Goal Accreditation Appeals Panel credited the England striker with the second of Spurs' two strikes in the weekend win at Stoke City, moving him four shy of Golden Boot leader Mohamed Salah.

Kane's successful appeal of what initially appeared to be team-mate Eriksen's goal has been met with surprise, including from Salah.

Pochettino, though, insists it is "not a big deal" and the events have not been discussed since the match.

"Nobody has talked about it. Of course after the match Harry said he touched the ball with his right shoulder," Pochettino told reporters on Thursday.

"Harry is very honest and he is not going to lie about this situation. He is a person that always puts the collective before himself.

"I don't care who scores the goals, I care about the three points. Harry said I think it was my goal, Christian said okay, no problem. But it's not a big deal."