Mou Wants No Conflicts With Players at Next Job

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Jose Mourinho revealed his next job in management would include working with people that he loves.

The Portuguese tactician has been without a coaching job since he was sacked by Manchester United in December.

Mourinho said he had already turned down a job due to a club's lack of ambition, adding his next move would be to an outfit that had people he enjoyed working with.

"If it is a club without ambition I wouldn't go. I refused because I want high-level football and ambitions at the highest level," the former Real Madrid and Chelsea boss told The Telegraph.



"That is my second item [of requirement]. My first item is structural empathy. I want to work with people that I love. People I want to work with, that I am happy to work with, with whom I share the same ideas.

"It was what I had at Inter. There are clubs like this. Normally, that is a very important part of a successful club."

Mourinho led United to a Europa League title, EFL Cup and Community Shield, but his side struggled to begin this season, leading to his exit.