Bruno Fernandes Inspired by Andres Iniesta, Cristiano Ronaldo And Ronaldinho

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Bruno Fernandes says he has modelled his game around that of Barcelona great Andres Iniesta, while Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo are his biggest footballing heroes.

The midfielder has impressed since signing for Manchester United from Sporting CP during the January transfer window and is already a favourite among the club's supporters.

Former Brazil star Ronaldinho and his Portugal team-mate Ronaldo were two players the 25-year-old idolised growing up.

It was playmaker Iniesta, though, who Fernandes revealed he has attempted to model his game on the most.

"The one I liked to watch and follow was Iniesta because Iniesta is a mix between an eight and a 10," Fernandes told United's official website in a question and answer session.

"It is the way I can play better, between eight and 10. It is the guy who always likes to have the ball, take the risks, and I think Iniesta was one of the best in the world. 

"How Iniesta finished his career without the Ballon d'Or, with everything he won, it is difficult for me to understand!"

Of his heroes when he was younger, Fernandes added: "I have a lot of players I like to see. For example, in my first few years, the player I think is the one everyone liked and always will like is Ronaldinho. 

"For me, he is the player with the capacity to take you and put you in front of the TV, and you will stay for hours. For hours! Because he had that energy and happiness. 

"He was happy in everything he did. You enjoy it when you see guys playing like that, so for the first few years Ronaldinho was my favourite player. 

"After this, I have already said that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the players. As a professional player, he is the best you can follow."