Joe Girardi Uncertain About Yankees Future

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New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi is unsure about his future with the MLB team.

Girardi is in the final year of his contract as Yankees manager and, talking with reporters before facing the Cleveland Indians on Sunday, he admitted he has not thought about his plans for 2018.

"Those are things that I handle at the end of the season," Girardi said.

"When the season is all said and done. I've always been a guy that's sat down and talked to my family. I owe that to my wife and my children. So, in saying that, that's the least of my concerns right now. My biggest concern is to win a game [Sunday]. And we can worry about that when the time comes.

"It's just what's best for the group of five [my wife and three children]. Because obviously in my life my family is always going to come first, and I have to do what's best for them."

There is increasing speculation that the Yankees might not offer Girardi an extension.

But the 52-year-old says he cannot afford to worry about his future with the team.

"I'm never worried about that. I've never worried about [the] future," Girardi said. "I worry about other people's futures, but not my own. I believe the man upstairs is in charge of me, and whatever happens, happens.

"I think an organisation has to do what they're comfortable with, right, and it may not always agree with the person that is either being fired or however it goes…Whatever their decision is, you know, I'll live with it."